Lakes and larger pools not only help to improve the value of land, but provide breathtaking scenery for all to enjoy. They make a considerable contribution to the leisure industry including Golf clubs, Fisheries, Sailing clubs and provide many other water related sports and activities.

At Perfect Ponds and Landscapes we cover all aspects of maintaining and constructing larger lakes and pools as well as undertaking renovation and redevelopment projects.

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Maintain, renovate and construct


  • Reshape banks
  • Dredge lakes
  • Maintain fish stock levels
  • Draining
  • Transport fish
  • Fishing platform repair and maintenance
  • Aquatic plant management
  • Aquatic weed management
  • Fencing repairs and management
  • Tree clearance, including chipping which can be used for walkways or fishing platform development
  • Car park and track maintenance and repair
  • Silt maintenance
  • Any heavy construction would come under the category of lake redevelopment


Bankside redevelopment on lakes is a very common issue but the structure of lake banks is extremely important for keeping your lake in good, healthy and stable condition. We offer a variety of fully comprehensive solutions to bankside erosion which will suit various budgets and environments. Most of the methods we use can also be used for redeveloping the shape of the lake bank structure. Some common reasons a lake may need redevelopment:

  • Bank erosion
  • Bank collapse
  • Bank undermining
  • Leaking dam or bank
  • Damaged or perished liner
  • Structural changes
  • Usage change
  • Overflow systems

Lake construction

As lake construction and design specialists, our team are expert in carrying out the project in such a way so as to blend the new landscape into the existing, something we take great pride in. As well as the site itself, consideration is always given to the land around the site so that the disruption to your property overall is kept to a minimum. Here are some key points to take into consideration when undertaking a lake construction project:

  • Ground quality
  • Ground location
  • Geometry of the land
  • Surrounding environment
  • Lake site access
  • Location of existing waterways
  • Liner requirements, if any
  • Waste removal
  • Drainage
  • Design, depths and bank construction of the lake
  • Budget

Whether you are creating a new lake or renovating an existing lake, for private or commercial use, we have a wealth of experience at Perfect ponds and Landscapes to help guide you in the right direction.

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