Ikarashi unique tosai selection +-15-20cm (Japanese Koi)

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A striking selection of unique Koi bred by Ikarashi Koi Farm in Japan. There's a bit of everything in this selection with some varieties you very rarely see, like the rare tancho goshiki, kogane ochiba and tancho ochiba shigure. Gorgeous development and stunning colouration - check out the colour and markings on the kujaku! Get in touch for updated photos/videos. Shipping available and individual fish can be selected via photo/video.

Ikarashi is well known for breeding go-sanke varieties; several years back they dominated shows with their kohaku, showa and sanke. When the son took over he pursued a new direction, working towards the development of new varieties. Also, working with doitsu varieties, especially heavilly scaled examples. This dawned a new era for heavy scaled doitsu fish and their popularity has grown substantially.

Breeder: Ikarashi Koi Farm, Niigata, Japan.
+- 15-20cm
Sex: Unknown
Quarantined and ready to be sold!
Shipping available.

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